Boer Goats are versatile, fertile, strong and suitable for most NZ conditions.

Boer Goats were introduced into New Zealand in 1987 for their potential production value (meat, crossbreeding, and offspring). Boers are known for their:

  • Ability to adapt to our conditions
  • Productive and fertile animals for several years
  • Weed Control and Pasture Enhancement


Situated on a farm near Milton in South Otago, Whitestone Boers were established in 2005 with the purchase of full blood does of the Landcorp and Sunnypark Bloodlines.

Since then Owen and Annette Booth have improved the stock with several genetic lines but it was the introduction of the Mugambi goat line that has seen them regularly take top honours at the Canterbury A & P Show (see our Awards page).


A beautiful Boer Goat Doe in great condition
This success has fallen in line with their Boer breeding aims:
  • Higher survivability
  • Better growth rates
  • Greater meat carrying capability
  • Yield and fertility
  • Feet
  • Structural Soundness


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