Goat Farmer’s Open Day

Saturday 12th April 1.30pm
428 Burnside Road, Enfield, Oamaru
Registration 1pm


All goat farmers and intending goat farmers are invited to attend.

  • Farm walk.
  • Industry discussion on meat, milk, fibre.
  • Farming goats.
  • Formation of a discussion group for future meetings.


Enquiries Phone Owen Booth 03 4324028
Ian Booth 03 4811316


Farmers are encouraged to come along whether they farm meat, fibre or milk, or just intending goat farming, to hear what the industry has to offer.
I would like to see a discussion type group formed. This would allow individuals to meet and discuss all aspects of farming goats and be in touch with what is happening in the industry.
I believe there is great potential in farming goats. Mohair is in demand, meat is in demand and milk is very sought after, and with the advantages of farming these animals for weed control and pasture enhancement the future looks very bright.
It is a matter of having an understanding of goat farming and being in touch with the right people to make sure you are successful.